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Conservatorships And Guardianships

Mental capacity and undue influence is a concern when elderly people are in a position to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous relatives, neighbors or health care workers in nursing homes. At Olsen & Mahoney, LLP, our lawyers work closely with clients in preparing paperwork, documentation and medical examinations necessary when petitioning the court to create a conservatorship or guardianship. Once a conservatorship or guardianship is granted, our office continues to work with the estate’s ward since federal law requires them to file an annual financial account of the estate.

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Creating A Conservatorship

Conservatorships are created in order to appoint a court-approved agent to regulate and order a person’s financial affairs. Typically, the court will appoint a conservator when evidence exists indicating a person is no longer capable of managing their own affairs due to illness, age or decreased capacity. Our conservatorship attorneys consult geriatric specialists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals in establishing medical reasons for requesting a conservatorship. We also work with financial planners, tax experts and accountants when a person’s financial situation is in disarray or requires additional investigation involving missing or lost assets.

Creating A Guardianship

Typically, guardianships are created in order to protect the financial and legal interests of a minor. Similar in many ways to conservatorships, guardianships provide a court approved, adult guardian with the legal authority to order and manage a minor’s affairs. This is especially important in cases where a trust fund is involved or where a chronic illness creates medical needs that must be addressed.

Protecting The Interests Of Those You Love

Conservatorships and guardianships are very effective estate planning tools when protecting a person’s estate is important. Especially in cases where elderly parents live apart from their adult children, a conservatorship can help protect your loved one from people who are interested in manipulating them for their own gain.

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