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Resolving Disputes Over Wills In Colorado

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for elderly people to fall victim to disgruntled family members, dishonest friends or unethical caregivers. In situations where this occurs, it is common for individuals to contest the terms of a questionable will.

At Olsen & Mahoney, LLP, our team of estate litigation lawyers represents clients in cases where a decedent’s will has been unexpectedly changed or a will has manifested itself when an individual could not have understood the nature of the document. Working with investigators, psychologists and other experts, we present evidence of undue influence and diminished capacity when contesting these transactions. Contact us to speak with skilled Denver will contest attorneys today.

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Undue influence occurs when anyone — a loved one, a caretaker, a friend — has improperly influenced your loved one to execute a will that may not accurately reflect his or her wishes. In other situations, your loved one may have been forced to sign a will at a time when he or she would not have understood its importance or consequences based on a lack of capacity.

The Colorado attorneys at our firm have many years of combined experience helping families work through the many layers of a will contest proceeding. We understand how frustrating and emotionally charged this time can be, and we are determined to help our clients obtain the best results possible.

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