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Dealing With Breach Of Fiduciary Duty?

Anyone serving as a personal representative of an estate, trustee of a trust or agent under a power of attorney is considered to be a fiduciary in Colorado. While professionals serving in these capacities will generally have a tremendous insight as to the duties and responsibilities that are attributed to a fiduciary, in many instances a fiduciary will be a family member or friend who does not have specialized training. The repercussions of what may be categorized as an intentional or unintentional act or lack of foresight can have devastating effects on the administration of an estate, trust or individual’s assets.

In cases where financial mismanagement or violations of fiduciary responsibility are involved, the Colorado attorneys at Olsen & Mahoney, LLP, will work to achieve reasonable solutions either through litigation or negotiation in order to address issues of mismanagement or violations. Contact our lawyers regarding any breach of fiduciary concern you may have.

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Our lawyers carefully investigate all relevant bank, tax and other financial records in order to identify suspicious financial activity and other violations of the law. This may also include consulting with forensic accountants and financial experts to covering and exposing breaches of fiduciary duty on the part of a personal representative, trustee or agent.

Litigation complicates an already confusing and emotionally charged situation. The attorneys at our firm have many years of combined experience helping a variety of individuals as they face these unique challenges and we attempt to forge creative solutions when possible. We are dedicated to working as a team as we empower our clients with knowledge. We want you to make choices that will ultimately result in the best outcome possible for you and your loved ones.

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